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An Eye for Quality

About Us

Hawkeye Empire comprises of three main specialist areas of professional services, led by qualified professionals across niche industries who have our clients best interests at heart. The empire partnership consists of three business layers, namely Hawkeye 360, Hawkeye NEET and Hawkeye Academy. We offer results-oriented solutions through each division.

Covid-19 Statement:

Due to the current global pandemic, we are currently reviewing our recruitment operational model for 2021, and envisage this will have made a strong move to online systems and processes. For enquiries, contact us on [email protected] 

We are Restructuring!


By Spring 2022, we aim to have completed restructuring at Hawkeye Empire, to ensure all our services are fully operational within respective specialist divisions.  

Senior management have taken the decision to include our once separate Hawkeye Recruitment Firm, as as division of Hawkeye Empire Ltd. Our new Recruitment team will retain its credibility through continued specialist provision, connecting our clients to top-quality candidates.

NB: Contacts in the adjacent videos are disabled while we restructure. Please email or call us via our Contact page.

Senior Management Team

 Meet Our Seniors

L-R (Adjacent Image): 

Miss S W Francis (Director of Quality & Learning); 

Ms S R Longville (Director of NEET Solutions), and 

Mr F S Francis (Director of Secure Solutions).

Our award-winning Senior Management Team have championed innovative education, employability and career solutions in public & private sectors for a collective 25 years. They were each honoured with Medals of Excellence in August 2010.


Our Senior Management Team and specialist staff have received a number of admirable awards for their top-quality solutions, to include Santander, and others.

Bespoke Specialists

All our staff are experienced  specialists in their respective fields. We are committed to being a workforce equipped with the right people for your needs.

Results Oriented

We go the extra mile to ensure our services meet your desired needs. We give much time and attention to your specifications to provide you tangible results.

Fully Qualified

Each member of our respective teams are fully qualified in respective and related areas, offering you the only the best expertise to gurantee value.


Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering specialist solutions to Public & Private Sectors'.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 692 1433

E: [email protected]


For all general service and division enquiries, email the team at: [email protected] 


All new and existing Learner enquiries are welcome. Email: [email protected] We are here for our Learners.

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