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An Eye for Quality

Secure Solutions

Hawkeye seeks the most prominent gaps in the industry to fill with the most secure solutions in niche areas . Our services include provision of qualified professionals as required by our clients in either context below. 

Our service provides all clients unprecedented security solutions. We offer a high level of security and community safety services that are always delivered in an efficient and professional way. So, whether you want patrol officer, security officer or private investigator solutions, we only provide the best! Our secure solutions are delivered by our Grand Elite Security.

Get in touch with us today to find the facts you need. 

Our head office is based in London and you can make an appointment with one of operatives by emailing or calling to begin. 

Patrol Officers

SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Officers for Community Patrol and School Patrols for the promotion of Community Safety and prevention of Crime and Anti Social Behaviour.

Rail Detectives

SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Security Officers for monitoring and prevention of Anti Social Behaviour and Public Disorder at Rail and Bus Stations.

Event Security

SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Officers for the promotion of public safety, and crime & anti social behaviour at community, public, and social events. 

Close Protection

SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Executive Officer Bodyguards for public figures and celebrities' personal safety and security.

Commercial Security

SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Officers according to our clients needs, to include but not limited to: 

Access Control

Construction Site Security

Hotel Security

Hospital Security.

We know that expertise is the most important aspect of security solutions for commercial purposes. For this reason, we work with our clients to provide only the best, qualified officers.

Our Grand Elite Security is "thee go-to" security solutions provider, guaranteeing Elite-trained officers with exceptional knowledge of the respective field, thus, we can guarantee outstanding secure solutions to client specification.


SIA Licenced and GEC Approved Officers to client specification, to include but not limited to:

Private Investigators


Background Checks

We offer complete, service-confidential private investigation services such as criminal background checks, and unsolved crime as required by clients. 

Some of our corporate investigation services related to employee background checks, interview with interrogation and fraud investigation. We also posses the tools to search and find lost friends or family that clients may need to locate and contact. No matter the specific circumstances, we can deliver to our clients'' bespoke needs.

With our tailored and competitively-priced service, Hawkeye can find the best quality solution for you.  Speak to our friendly team today for free, no obligation consultation.


Fully qualified and experienced professionals offering specialist solutions to Public & Private Sectors'.


London and Hampshire

England, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)208 692 1433

E: [email protected]


For all general service and division enquiries, email the team at: [email protected] 


All new and existing Learner enquiries are welcome. Email: [email protected] We are here for our Learners.

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