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At Hawkeye Empire, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. With our diverse range of services and unwavering focus on excellence, we are your trusted partner for all your property needs.

Our Founders are award-winning professionals who have championed quality service in areas of property and education/training sectors for over 25 years. As 3 of the 25 St Lucians awarded by Governor General Emeritus Dame Pearlette Louisy in July 2010 (click to view), our Founders commit to extending unprecedented quality services across our main tiers of service. We offer provide Document Drafting (Contracts/Agreements) and Investigative Casework such as Registry checks on a case-by-case basis to support our clients with quality and accountability requirements. 

Disclaimer: We do not provide legal advice. 

  • Real Estate (Rentals & Sales)
  • Professional Development
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Casework
Our Property Specialists bring together expertise in real estate, gardening and landscaping, and cutting-edge property management training. In keeping with our slogan "an eye for quality," we strive to deliver excellence across all our services, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our clients.

As a four-tier property specialist business, we offer comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

1. Real Estate Services: Whether you're looking to rent or buy, our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. From finding the perfect property to negotiating the best deal, we have an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service and results.


2. Gardening and Landscaping: Transform your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes with our gardening and landscaping services. Whether it's creating a serene garden oasis or enhancing your property's curb appeal, our skilled team has the creativity and expertise to bring your vision to life.


3. Property and Landscape Management CPD Training: Stay ahead of the curve with our 100% online CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training courses. Designed for property and landscape management professionals, our courses cover a wide range of topics to help you enhance your skills, stay informed about industry trends, and advance your career.

4. Casework: Discover peace of mind with our casework service. Our dedicated team specialises in document drafting and investigations, ensuring every contract and agreement meets legal requirements and quality standards. Whether you need a review of existing contracts or the creation of new ones tailored to your needs, we've got you covered. Additionally, we offer investigative services - primarily land registry searches - to clarify ownership and accountability concerns. Let us handle the details while you focus on your property goals. 



Discover the difference with Hawkeye Empire - where quality meets expertise!

Rental & Sales

We list quality homes and land for rent and sale, and offer investment opportunities also. Rent or buy your forever home where most only vacation!

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Gardening & Landscaping

We offer professional garden care and bespoke landscaping service, with free advice and quotations to achieve your dream garden or yard space ideals! 

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Property Guardianship

Trust us to lead operation, control, maintenance and guardianship of your property, freeing up time so you can focus on other affairs!

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Our in-house paralegal and private investigator services are available to our clients toward document production e.g. agreement, and dispute needs!

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Training & Development

If you have a skills gap to fill, Hawkeye will help you up-skill! 

Our range of online CPD courses are available for professionals in real estate and horticulture. 

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Hawkeye elevates transactions! Our collaborations result in informed decisions, mitigated risks and enhanced client satisfaction. 

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Stevanna W. Francis
PG Cert. | LLB Hons | Adv. Cert. Ed.
Work Ethic: Red-Tail Hawk
FF Profile
Francis S. Francis
PG Cert. | BA Hons  | Dip. GL
Work Ethic: Black Hawk
Sandra R. Longville
PG Cert. | BA Hons | CPD Property Ess.
Work Ethic: Goshawk
RE Agent - Hawkeye
Khai N. Adonis
BA Hons Real Estate Management
Work Ethic: Black-winged Hawk

Hawkeye staff converted an old burnt building into a training space that literally grounded and shaped me. It gave me hope... around the time our training centres were being closed. It was a safe haven. I will never forget my life-changing experience there. 

Paul Nelson
Great People

Amazing and friendly staff. I had the honour of working with team Hawkeye on meaningful property  projects, and can only say they have great vision and a positive outlook for all their clients and the community. 

Trenton Donaldson

Amazing Service

I'm so grateful to Hawkeye. Thank you for your Property Management service. My apartment has never been better presented, and you found me a suitable tenant. I am impressed with your welcoming service. Will keep your contact close! 

Fiona Edwards