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Our Property Guardianship initiative has been implemented to address local concerns about vacant and abandoned properties at risk of VAST (Vandalism, Arson, Squatting and Theft) adversities. 

The initiative begun as part of our specialists early efforts to protect owners' interests and repurpose vacant and abandon buildings for holistic public benefit. 

In November 2023, our Senior Management Team have pioneered our Property Guardianship initiative to St. Lucia in 2023 after consultations with esteemed housing/property lawyers on the island. Our objective? To ensure that the scope of our service sufficiently met legal and contractual obligations while protecting the rights of property owners. 

The scope of our initiative in London saw our team championed the guardianship of many properties. Among the most prominent was the campaign for a closed primary school to be reopened to the wider community as a primary academy. The initiative saw the school continue to serve its local community.


To further maintain quality and standards, we have also formed the CPGA (Caribbean Property Guardians Association) and offer training and certification to interested individuals and organisations, with a view to extending to OECS member states and the wider Caribbean in time.